Protect the liberties of others as well as my own

Educate myself toward being the best me that I can be

Choose to give grace, when you have the opportunity to        take offense

Extend yourself to others expecting nothing in return

Our Pledge...

Activly listen to others in an effort to understand them,                   not to judge them.

Coming June 23rd 2018

  P.E.A.C.E  Festival 2018

The Summit 
MLK Women's Equity Lunch

January 13th from 11:30am to 1:30

The mobile Museum will be in Potland

January 13th at Dr. MLK Jr K-8:        --EVENT SNOWED OUT--

Returning April 14, 2017

Black History 101

* A series of Community forums and listening sessions to discuss and address how to change the tides of intercultural violence, especially with regaurd to young Black Men in America...

....this timless journey will begin Feb 2017


Other  CommonUnity Events

Community Peace Collaborative

        ""Gun Violence: A public health issue"

       with special guest Dr. Brian Gibbs


  10am on March 10th @:

The North Community Policing Center         449 NE Emerson St. Portland, Or

Passin' Art presents:

A 3 part Community Healing Project      

*  IFCC- "Kin Killin Kin" by James Pate          Visual Art Gallery Exhibit  Opening  Feb, 23rd 3-7pm

             (Feb 23- April 2, 2017)

*  IFCC-   "Gospel of Loving Kindness"        Play Opening- March 10, 2017 

        "The Power within"

February 25-27th 11am to 3pm

in Seattle, Wa

Sponsored in part by our Friends